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Discover wonderful and fresh independent films.

FreshFlix was created from our experience as independent filmmakers.  There is so much wonderful film content being created by incredibly talented artists, yet very few of them actually ever reach the audience who would love to see them.  This is our solution.  Activating audiences around the world who are interested in fresh independent movies.

Watch them on various online platforms around the world.

As movie lovers, we felt that movies should be on the platform which you prefer.  We put movies out on as many platforms as we can so you can have a nice viewing experience the way you like it.

Refer movies with discounts to your friends!

Isn’t it great to hear from a friend about a movie you might like?  We want to reward you and your friends for sharing movies that you love.  Experience the movie and if you love it then recommend it to people who think you would also love it!

We will recommend more based on your preferences!

The magic happens when we collect all the data from the movies, the audience and the viewing experiences.  We then look at the data and see which new movies might be loved by you and your friends.