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Second Honeymoon

1h 16min | Thriller, Drama, Romance | 2017

Newlyweds Jesper and Agnes are spending their honeymoon at the beautiful lakeside home of Jesper’s uncle Harry, deep in sun-drenched Portugal.  Free-spirited artist Agnes, sensitive and vulnerable, is determined to persuade her emotionally repressed new husband to open up. But as they explore the idyllic countryside, the picturesque villages and the stunning beaches together, their happiness is threatened by Jesper’s memories of an earlier, similar holiday. Who is the woman in the painting Agnes glimpses at a local gallery, wearing a necklace just like hers?

Director: Kristjan Knigge

Stars: Marijtje RutgersGeerteke van LieropSytse Faber, Trevor Herrington, Jéssica Mota

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