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The Right Juice

| Comedy

If life gives you oranges, make The Right Juice.

The film is a comedic drama about a 40-something ex-banker who moves from London to the Algarve in southern Portugal to re-invent himself as an orange farmer.

Oliver Fellows had it all until a bad oil deal left his life in shatters. In the Algarve, Oliver finds himself on a ramshackle farm with no water. His wife, Sally, hates it and wants to move back to the glamour of London. His arch-rival, Andreus, is buying up all the farms in the valley for a nefarious scheme. With the most improbable of companions, his bike mechanic neighbour Manel and gorgeous dolphin trainer Nesta, Oliver’s London eyes begin to see the world through sunny Algarve glasses… and with everything at stake they set out to thwart Andreus’ devious plans.

Through his quest to find water for his trees, save his marriage and make peace with his past he discovers that simply changing the venue and his career doesn’t deliver the life changes he expects. In the words of one of the mentors he meets along the way, “Sometimes a man need not change what he does, but why he does it.”

Director: Kristjan Knigge

Stars: Mark Killeen, Lúcia MonizEllie ChidzeyMiguel DamiãoBeau McClellan.

 The Right Juice
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